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Happy Birthday, P & S

Went to a birthday party last night in the city. One of those parties where the invitation says it starts at 9:05 pm which translates to “We’d really appreciate it if you got here around 10 pm. Thanks.” I slept in Saturday morning so that I’d be able to stay awake. I picked up two of “my kids” at 8:30 pm, we grabbed dinner, then headed to the city.

When we arrived, we were told that there was a great 23-year-old bottle of Jamaican rum in the kitchen. So Golfing Partner K and I went to find it. We tried just sipping a shot because we felt as though it needed to be treated with some respect. But it tasted like shit. Burned all the way down. Finally had to add some Coke. It wasn’t until later that someone realized we’d drank the 151 instead of the good bottle that had been hiding in the back. Oh well. I ended up wasting my one drink of the night on crap rum. It was too late to change.

Spent a lot of the evening talking with P until I finally freaked him out. He asked where I went to school and I told him, then told him where he had grown up and where he went to school. We’d had this exact conversation during the Pirates vs Monkeys vs Ninjas vs Robots party. I remembered all the answers, he didn’t. I may suck at recalling names, but I can give you a list of random facts about a person any day.

The room was full of gay men, couples, and gay couples. My choices were pretty limited. I was quite content chatting with P, but he finally bored of me and left early. I spent some time consoling one of the guys who had a problem where he would always hit on straight guys. We thought maybe we should team up, then switch at the last minute. There was a cute doctor there, and another cute guy, then I realized they were together. Gave up for the rest of the evening.

K’s score for the evening: 0. Status quo. ;-)


Ice skating

A group of us went ice skating on Thursday night. We attempted to go to the outdoor rink in downtown San Jose, but it had been raining all day, so we went to the indoor rink. There were probably about 15 of us total. Good sized group. None of us have done much ice skating. We have done some roller skating and roller blading though.

Had one guy skate up to me and ask me what the 48 on the back of my jacket was for. Nothing. It is just the number that came on the jacket which I picked up in Newport, RI at a place called ReSails. They make gear out of old sail cloth.

Later he saw us taking pictures and decided to get in on the action. There is supposedly also a video that he decided to cut in on and actually introduce himself. My new friend is 49, works as a mechanic in the east bay and his son skated up while we were talking to say, “Dad has a new girlfriend.” And then tagged me and said, “You’re it!”

I passed the game of “it” onto my group. They managed to keep it going for the rest of the night. The only numbers exchanged were the ones on my jacket and his jersey.

After skating, we retreated to Sino on Santana Row. We were woefully underdressed for that crowd, but we didn’t really care. Had a drink, exchanged stories, and complained about how much our legs would hurt in the morning. Stayed up too late, woke up too early, but had a great time.