Turn around NOW!!

Reading through my email has convinced me that when I get to the airport in a few hours I will exchange my ticket and go somewhere warm. Mom sent photos of the last autumn snow. Seriously? That looks like more snow than during the last few seasons and it isn't January yet. The second email was from Math Girl (doing math at the speed of light is her super power) who just moved to Cali this fall. She is already spoiled by the weather and reports that CT is COLD! Don't tell me that before I get there people. Do you not realize I have free will, I have options, I have a plane ticket that can be exchanged? Hell, my flight back stops in Dallas too (I was trying to avoid being stranded in Chicago). Maybe I just skip the part where I fly to Baltimore and drive to Boston. Maybe I stay here and entertain you with stories of strangers in bars?

Naw. I've had enough drinking for a while. Going to the gym now to run it off.


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  1. Posted by just-a-treat on December 21, 2007 at 9:09 pm

    So why exactly are you flying into Baltimore and driving up to Boston? Couldn’t get a flight into Boston? The drive up 95 is pretty damn ugly and sure to be HELL this holiday weekend. Luckily, the weather looks to be OK for driving today and tomorrow. It’s chilly and overcast here in MD.Call me if you get stranded in MD for any reason. Though from the sound of it if you can’t get a rental car you’ll just hop a flight to the bahamas.


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