Archive for December 29th, 2007

House hunting

I found a new place to live.

Just kidding. B now has a place to live so that she doesn't have to
put up with Meine Schwester any longer. It is wicked cute cottage on a
huge estate. Even comes with a stray cat.


Dinner with my best friend’s ex

Cause that always sounds like a good idea, right? It isn’t as bad as it sounds. They are still good friends, and she knew I was going to dinner with him, although it seems I forgot to tell her. Oops. I didn’t do it on purpose, just thought I had. We ended up texting her the whole time we were out.

You have to understand that dinner started out by L announcing to the wait staff that he had slept with my best friend. The looks we got were priceless. I confirmed that yes, indeed, he had slept with my best friend. And no, it didn’t bother me because I wasn’t going to be sleeping with him. I know where he’s been.

We sat in the restaurant for a couple hours, ate, drank, and laughed. And laughed. And invited the waitress to a threesome in the back of the truck. And told stories. And laughed some more.

The goal is always to embarrass me. I can’t remember exactly what was said, but I definitely turned red a number of times.

The best part is that I managed to actually get some good lines out occasionally that embarrassed L. When he’d get red-faced, his ears would start burning, so the line for the night became, “You know you want to feel my hot ear cartilage.” Not exactly a turn on. ;-)

This was one of those looks of “I can’t believe you just went there and now I have this horrible image in my head.” I still can’t get rid of it.