Archive for January 12th, 2008


The day got off to a good start. I walked the dog. Ran 3 1/2 miles on the treadmill at the gym. Came to work.

Okay. I know. It is Saturday. Give me a break okay?

I love going into work on weekends. It is quiet. I sit in the lobby, stretched out, feet propped up on a chair, and pretend I own the place. Plus, there is a lot of great light in the atrium, so I get my sunshine quotient for the day. And there are no distractions. No big screen television. No whiny dog. No pushy cats. Just me, some chairs, and a couple indoor trees.

There are usually a couple tourists that stop by and take photos of the building. They tug on the doors and hope to get in. Usually they realize that it isn’t going to happen and just walk away.

Today they are getting kind of pushy.

A couple big groups have come and are just hanging outside the doors until someone lets them in. One group had a guy with a badge, but he didn’t seem to realize that his badge doesn’t work in this building on weekends. They banged on the door to get my attention. They showed me the badge. I shook my head side to side and turned back to my laptop. If he does work here, he should know that I can’t just let him into a building just because he shows me a badge. Seriously. I can’t get into his building, why does he think I’m gonna let him into mine?

Now I feel like the bad guy, but I don’t care. I’m not going to be the one who lets in twenty total strangers and then finds a bunch of equipment missing later.

Sorry tourists. You can look through the glass, but I’m not letting you inside the building. Not to be mean, but I like my job.