Toothpaste part deux

Back in June, I wrote about Toothpaste and how long it takes a single girl to get through a family size tube of the stuff. Well, today is the day that my tube ran dry—251 days later. What have I done in that time?

Only one person shared my toothpaste. Baby S came over and took a shower before we went ice skating. She wanted to brush her teeth, so I gave her a new toothbrush and let her use my virgin tube. Very exciting.

Highlights of this toothpaste:

Leaving the intern in the city. (Guess enough time has passed I can give you the full story on this)

Had a crazy trip with detours in Phoenix->Michigan->Maryland->NH->Maine. (Start with that post then click Newer Posts at the bottom to keep reading the story.

Was caught blogging about my first kiss.

Ran a 5K for Fourth of July with my family.

Played my favorite game: Gay, Straight, or Taken.

Had a Brit make me crepes one morning and made my grandmother curious.

Many people have commented on how emotionally unavailable and commitment phobic I am.

Was kicked off a nude beach.

Redeemed a coupon.

Have had many a lunch and beer with The Boys.

Spent a weekend in Santa Barbara with a side trip to Slovang.

Was suckered into a ridiculous video and then thought it a good idea to post it.

Made apple pie from scratch (starting at the orchard).

Thought Mitsy was going to die. She is still going, three grand later… (click on Newer Posts for more)

Attended lots of great parties, but took a lot of photos at the Halloween Party.

iDad says, “Sadly, I just don’t think the earth is ever gonna move for you…

Was publicly humiliated and loved every minute of it.

Golfed before work more than once.

Dealt with a lot of shit.

Listened to a lot of great live music.

Drank 40’s at the opera.

Had a great Family-You-Choose Thanksgiving.

Had local and out of town visitors.

Was caught Drinking & Driving.

Tried new dating schemes and failed. (click Newer Posts for more)

Blogged way too much over the Christmas holiday.

Had a fender bender and was ticketed for a busted headlight.

Attempted dating and still failed.

Went to a conference on Technology in Wartime and got beer from a garbage can. (Follow the Newer Posts links for more)

Been relearning how to code. (Can you spot the errors?)

Met a bunch of famous/almost famous people who may or may not ever remember me: Samantha Murphy and Mike Schmid, Steve Westly, Fake Steve Jobs (aka Dan Lyons), Guy Kawasaki, Jay Nash again, Blake Commagere, Bruce Schneier, Cindy Cohn, Noah Shachtman.


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