Need to raise some cash

My next plan for finding a date is a professional matchmaking service. Valenti International sounds like a lovely service.

Licensed staff psychologists work as a team to understand, assist and match each client personally – considering their past and looking forward to the future. A traditional European paradigm is merged with the contemporary.

Just what I need. Pschological help.

They seem to work with a wide range of people, specifically,

Careers have historically included private estate and wealth management, to physicians, attorneys, engineers, teachers and nurses, even stay at home mothers.

They have some great samples of individuals. This might be me:

Accomplished Beautiful Professional
Melissa is a 41-year-old female from Maine; she is athletic, fit, fashion forward and very attractive with long blonde hair and green eyes. She is formally educated, financially independent and professionally accomplished as a systems analyst. She is honest, loyal, affectionate and traditionally feminine yet simultaneously decisive and autonomous. Melissa is now married, expecting children, and in love with a man she admittedly declared, that she would not have chosen for herself.

Maybe they could match me with someone like this:

Family Doctor and Family Man
Mathew is a 39-year-old gentleman with clear moral convictions and an ethic of giving. He presents himself with a conventional all-American appeal and is neat, sharp, and well groomed. He is also a caring, supportive, and devoted physician in family medicine. His roots run deep not only with generations of successive professional accomplishment and wealth, but of family values and marital respect. Mathew was born, raised, and educated in a small town. He loves the community feeling that comes from closeness and knowing one’s neighbors. His primary goal to meet a woman sharing his family and moral ideals, was met at Valenti International.

All for the low fee of $10,000. I’ll be adding a PayPal link to my site soon to help defray the cost. I’m assuming that the stay at home moms made a fortune in their divorce settlements prior to using this service.


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