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Run done

Perl and I ran our two miles this morning. Next run, seven miles on Sunday. No, Perl won't be doing that one with me.


Run to work day

I’m trying to train for this half marathon in Ireland. I still think I’m crazy.

Yesterday, I rode my bike to work since my car was in the shop. After work, I rode my bike to the VW dealership to pick up my car. I was the quintessential commercial. Show up on my bike decked out in spandex. Put the top down on the convertible. Toss my bike in the back. Wipe my hands on my pants and thank god I have black leather seats to hide the grease. Drive off into the sunset.

Well, I went back to work after changing and walking the dog. Left my bike in my office. This morning, I ran to work. Come to find out, work is really only four miles, so I had to go another mile after that and walk back. Of course, I was an Apple commercial this morning. All black spandex contrasting with the white headphones. Red nano. iPhone hiding in the back slot.

Biked home tonight. All in all, I biked four miles, walked my dog for one and a half, did a cool down walk for a mile, and ran 5 miles in just under an hour. Not my best time, but I’m not going to complain. At least I ran the whole thing.

I am supposed to do two miles tomorrow.