Archive for March 2nd, 2008

Breaking hearts

Was told the other day that I’ve been breaking some hearts at work lately. Not relationship-wise, it has to do with some work I was doing. Trying to get permission from the lawyers now. It is an interesting situation though. There are some other people with the same problem and they are getting a lot of press about it, including an article in the NYTimes. Will tell you more when I can.


Life imitates art

Met a guy the other night who questioned my need to take photos and blog about my experiences. He wondered why people were standing behind a camera instead of taking part in the moment.

I’ve wondered this myself and try to restrict what I do. At that particular party, I took one picture with my camera. I didn’t blog about anything until I got home, but I thought a photo might be nice to go with the story. I try to participate as much as possible in whatever I’m doing (and for the most part, I’m betting people would wish I participated less ;-), but I know that while I’m doing something, I’m also thinking about what I will write later. Am I really participating if I’m doing that? One problem I find is that I will now purposely say and do things that I think will make a better story later. Is it fair for me to script my own life like that?

Apples to Apples

Went to a dinner party at Tomb Raider R’s place tonight to meet the newest baby in the group. She is three months old and cute for a baby, but I still don’t really know what to do with them when they are that young. I spent the end of the evening making up games for the 8-year-old and me to play. My favorite is “how long can you not talk.” I was best at “make silly faces until the other one laughs.” I lost entirely at the blinking game. I did win at tickling though. She better sleep like a log tonight. I know I will.

With the adults, I played Apples to Apples. It really is a great party game and there are a number of ways to play it. We played the standard way the first two rounds. For the third, we played two green cards instead of one. The idea is that you have to throw a red card that the judge will pick as being closest to the green cards. Judges will pick based on personal bias as well as humor, so it helps to know the person.

I found throughout the game that people would hold cards to use them on specific people. For example, cards like VW Beetle, Handcuffs, and America were held for me. There were a lot of other cards that were wrongly attributed to me, but I took credit for anything I could get. My favorite was when I drew these two green cards.

So when someone played the Teacher card, I had to pick that as the best match.