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Hilarious Science Fair Projects

Okay. I laughed pretty hard at these Science Fair Projects. Made me think about my fifth grade blue ribbon project on Genetics. My guinea pigs had mated. One was brown, the other was white, and the colors of the six offspring came out perfectly colored just in time for my project. Only problem? The guinea pig parents were siblings, so I had to make up shit about their parents being different. How embarrassing that exposé would have been!

(Link found from an FSJ post about Google business ideas.)


Interesting characters

Seen after last night’s concert: Bright yellow bike. $2000. Bright yellow windbreaker. $50. Asian guy wearing a tuxedo with his violin in his backpack getting ready to bike home after his recital. Priceless.

Seen on my run this morning: I was coming upon a person in a grey skirt, black jacket, stockings, plain black flat shoes, a brown purse and a pink umbrella. Short and stout, the only question I had when I approached was, “Is it a man or a woman.”

Made me wonder what kind of a place that I live in that I wondered that at all.

I tried not too look back and stare. Older woman with thick eyebrows, looking like she might have been taking the path on her way back from church. Using the pink umbrella to shade herself from the sun. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt while she was fully covered. Must have been hot.

I do think she needs a black purse if she is going to wear black and grey though. Or maybe a bright pink handbag to match the umbrella.

Seven miles

Ran my seven miles today. Walked another 3 1/2. Writing about it because I’m trying to remind myself that I feel great after I do this. Hoping this will help me to remember.

It is slightly uphill on the way out and slightly downhill on the way back. Plus I stopped in the middle for a bathroom break. Guess I was over hydrated this time. Trying to keep from getting my standard headache.