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I love my dog

How could you not?


Git me sum cultchah

So I went to an evening of Chamber Music with the Palo Alto Philharmonic last night. I’d gone back in November and survived, so I thought I’d try again. My friend, Ken Ferry, plays cello and played on the last two of the four sets. The third was a Gaubert piece, “Trois Aquarelles”. It really was like watercolors. Very flowery and flowy. Calming. Something you would listen to while taking a bubble bath. Impressionist.

The fourth piece, was Shostakovich. Ken says that Shostakovich won the Stailn award for the piece they played. It was supposed to be “for the common man.” Yes, that it might have been. Seemed very simplistic. Less of a bubble bath and more of a march on France. I wasn’t a huge fan, mainly for the section where he couldn’t leave the keys on the right side of the piano alone. I’m not a big fan of the very, very high end keys. They always sound out of tune on my piano. Oh wait, they might just be.

The first two pieces were well done. Mozart and Prokofiev. They were exactly what I would expect from chamber music. And Ken did an amazing job as always. Congratulations. I wouldn’t have known that there were any mistakes if you hadn’t told me.

Technology in Music

Neighbor S and I are playing with my new AppleTV. (I love it btw. I’ve never been a YouTube surfer, but that is what we are doing right now. Looks like shit on my 46″ HD TV though.) First I learned of David & Amy SIdaris who are fucking hysterical and if you haven’t seen them, find them now! Then we happened upon a video of Imogen Heap. It was interesting, but just like the Rythmicon, I don’t see much place in music for computers. I know this is contradictory to me being a geek, but I feel like music is the one, sacred place that computers shouldn’t interfere. Of course I have a secret love for dancing to electronica, but lets not bring that up right now. I also have a secret love of hip-hop and some rap which is also irrelevant to this discussion, but gives certain people hard-ons when they see titles in my iChat status message. And yes, I will stop trying to blame my sister’s music collection and just admit that I like hip-hop and some rap. Problem is I started listening to the lyrics and that severely limits what I can listen to and not look like an idiot. But I digress. (I also remembered my grandmother reads this and that maybe I should watch my language, but seriously, she has probably seen and heard a lot more in her 83 years than I have in my soon to be 34 years)

So what is your take? Is computer generated/enhanced music still music?