Technology in Music

Neighbor S and I are playing with my new AppleTV. (I love it btw. I’ve never been a YouTube surfer, but that is what we are doing right now. Looks like shit on my 46″ HD TV though.) First I learned of David & Amy SIdaris who are fucking hysterical and if you haven’t seen them, find them now! Then we happened upon a video of Imogen Heap. It was interesting, but just like the Rythmicon, I don’t see much place in music for computers. I know this is contradictory to me being a geek, but I feel like music is the one, sacred place that computers shouldn’t interfere. Of course I have a secret love for dancing to electronica, but lets not bring that up right now. I also have a secret love of hip-hop and some rap which is also irrelevant to this discussion, but gives certain people hard-ons when they see titles in my iChat status message. And yes, I will stop trying to blame my sister’s music collection and just admit that I like hip-hop and some rap. Problem is I started listening to the lyrics and that severely limits what I can listen to and not look like an idiot. But I digress. (I also remembered my grandmother reads this and that maybe I should watch my language, but seriously, she has probably seen and heard a lot more in her 83 years than I have in my soon to be 34 years)

So what is your take? Is computer generated/enhanced music still music?


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