6th Annual 29th Birthday

To start the day, I ran five miles. Perl ran the first 2.75 with me, then I dropped her off at home and went back out. Averaged 11’04”. Still not going to win any races, but I’m getting better!

UPDATED: Forgot to mention that I had at least one guy honk his horn at me while driving. A construction worker laughed at me and ran in place and did jumping jacks as we passed. Guess they all like the black spandex. I look like one of those people that match their dog. And I look like an iPod commercial. It is kind of cliché.

I arrived at work to find Baby S had attached a piece of paper to my door. On it was written “Happy Birthday K” and a number of people had signed it. My favorite was the part that said, “You don’t look a day over 40!”

Had Thai lunch with my team. They are entertaining as always. Had to put the top down on the convertible to get everyone in my car. Was lucky that the opportunity for mooning the other car never did materialize.

Went next door after work to have a beer with Da Boyz. No dirty underwear or naked cleaning discussions today. Surprisingly well behaved. I, however, in my heels, hopped the fence and walked across the lawn to leave.

Finally, dinner with Princess K on Santana Row. Driving in, I passed a group of guys who did not even bother to hide their leering. I winked. Definitely got a couple looks while walking to dinner. I have to admit that I was looking pretty good. I don’t think it was because I had spinach in my teeth or anything. There is just something fun about making eye contact with strangers and letting them know that I see them looking at me. Just giving them a sly smile, but keep walking so there is no time to actually speak. I’m discovering the art of flirting and I should really write a whole post on it. Later.

Dinner itself was great. I love Princess K. She is the one who taught me how to shop, so you can all thank her for my wardrobe change.

Now I’m home and going to bed early because I have a lot of work to do but need a good night’s rest so that I can have a clear head in the morning. And no, I don’t think I’ll be hung over from the one beer I had tonight. Has more to do with the five mile run. =)


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