Dropped off The Kid and Her Mom at the airport an hour ago. Her Dad finally coughed up the ransom. Time to send ’em home. Walked the dog, started laundry, got into my pjs. Perl is curled up on my right, Pablo stretched out on my left. All is back to normal.

Damn it is quiet. I miss The Little Monster already.

Watched them go through security. Walked past a USO group waiting to greet incoming troops. Slowed down and thought about joining. What could be better after losing a talkative child than gaining a hot soldier? Get right back onto the horse. Transition immediately back into my normal routine of randomness. Couldn’t do it. Need some time to rest after saying bye to The Pink Alien.

I also miss my new life partner, aka, Sister-In-Law D. Funny, but around here, two women with a child look like a lesbian couple and their sperm donor offspring. Guess my egg didn’t take because The Kid definitely looks like her mother. Finally had to send her home too because she just wasn’t putting out. Geezus, I can’t get any action around here.

There are a lot of things I learned this week. Here are a few.

1. The Kid asks to go to sleep. Strapped into her car seat, we hear, “Can I go to sleep?” As soon as you tell her yes, her thumb is in her mouth for a minute and then she passes out. Her thumb is never in her mouth unless she plans on sleeping. Bad news was she asked as we were driving to the airport and I only live about 15 minutes away.

2. Mommy is Queen. As long as Mommy is around, Mommy has to “do it,” whatever it is at the time. Buckle or unbuckle the car seat, hold her hand, etc. Occasionally, she settled for Aunt K, but it was few and far between. However, whenever Mommy was out of the picture, I was a perfectly fine representative.

3. The Kid likes walking the dog. Thank goodness Perl doesn’t pull much when she is in her harness because The Kid always had to hold the leash. Conveniently, whenever The Kid didn’t want to go the way I suggested, I could tell Perl and she would drag The Kid along without a tantrum. Tonight’s walk was pretty lonely.

4. The Kid didn’t have jetlag. I was nervous. If the kid gets up at 6 am on the east coast, would she get up at 3 am on the west coast? Nope. Both she and Mommy woke with the sun, which lucky for me, doesn’t get up until 7 am right now and is the same time my pets wake. Sleeping schedule as normal. Except for last night when I went to bed at 9:45 pm and The Kid stayed up another 45 minutes.

5. The Kid loves to hear herself talk. She talks constantly. Unless she is watching TV. And she is fascinated with dancing in front of mirrors. This was a problem in the bathroom where she would start dancing and forget why she was there.

That is all for now. I’ll add more when I remember. For now though, I’m exhausted and going to sleep.


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