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Status Quo

All is back to normal. The Kid is gone. Took a little while for me to adjust, but by Friday morning, I was back to chatting up strangers, breaking hearts, and making trouble.


Sally Ride Science Festival

I gave my two presentations today at the science festival. They went well, but I didn’t have nearly enough time. Only 45 minutes. I think I usually took an hour and a half for this kind of thing. The problem is that I like to talk. I talk a lot. And once I get started, I have a hard time quitting. We talked about input, output, memory, cpus, motherboards, operating systems, and applications. We talked about what company names they know and what those companies do.

Then we took apart computers. Most of the machines I had were PCs. There is a reason why I prefer getting PCs and not Macs. First off, doesn’t this machine look so sad? Lying here, waiting for its death.

When the girls were done, the Mac was barely touched. They tried. They took the screw drivers to it. But this is the best they could do.

The PCs looked like this. As soon as I told the girls that they could keep anything they took out, they raped the poor machines. Took every last piece of them.

In the end, I think I was the only one injured. I just get so excited when helping. At some point, I saw my hands. They were filthy. Then I saw blood. Oops. I forgot to bring bandaids. Always forget that part. Oh well, only a flesh wound.