Ides of St. Patrick’s Birthday

I’m a little far behind in posting. The sixth anniversary of my 29th birthday was on March 13th. So on March 15th, I, Neighbor S and about sixty of our friends celebrated my birthday, the Ides of March, and St. Patrick’s Day. There were lots of people who wore green, but sadly, only two of us wore togas. Both were green though!

Thanks Toga Buddy for the photos!

There was my now infamous Danger Punch. I borrowed the recipe from some teachers at The Nunnery.

1 punch bowl
2 bottles of pomegranate juice
2 bottles of champagne
2 bottles of citrus vodka

Dangerous because it is headache in a bowl. No one in their right mind would waste good champagne on a punch. At least the vodka came from glass bottles and not plastic ones. And it was in a real punch bowl, not a garbage pail. Better than nothing.

For fun, I picked up a bunch of party favors and handed them out in a Victoria’s Secret bag.

No, there was no crazy drunken couch surfing this time. No one did anything crazy. It was pretty tame as far as parties go. Thanks to everyone who came!


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