The Running Revolution

I hate shopping.

It is no secret. Drives me crazy. But I wrote before that there are some experiences that make it better. This is one of those cases.

Thursday morning, I went to The Running Revolution when they opened, figuring it might not be too busy then. True enough. Tim and Chris are like the Click and Clack of running. Quite entertaining. Tim helped me find the right pair of shoes. He checked my arches, watched me walk barefoot, asked what size shoe I normally buy, then went into the back room. This isn’t the kind of place where you pick your shoes by brand and color. Tim came back out with a pair of shoes for me to try. A size bigger than I normally buy because people don’t factor in how much their feet swell while running. This pair happened to be a really great color and look.

I walked around in them for a while and told him what was good and bad about them. He came back out with a different pair of shoes. Not as pretty. I walked around with two different shoes on, then replaced the first pair with another pair. Finally decided on the second pair of shoes.

I put both of the Brooks Adrenaline 8 on my feet. Then we went outside with the video camera where he recorded me running. Focused right in on my feet, we watched it in slow motion. I ran straight, good foot placement. No funny quirks or rolling. He confirmed everything Sister-In-Law D said while she was here.

He proclaimed these were my new shoes and I purchased them. Ran two and a half miles in them today. Someone asked how my blisters were. What blisters? The shoes were as if I’d had them for weeks already. Amazing.

If you need new sneakers, I can’t recommend this place more. The consultation is completely free. The sneakers were actually cheaper than I see them online right now (I’d expected I’d be paying more!). And I was convinced that they know what they are doing. The important thing is to make sure that you really pay attention to how your feet feel in the sneakers and be able to verbalize that.

We will see how my nine miles this weekend goes and if I still love my shoes after that.


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