Penelope and Petre

Last year, Penelope and Petre spent a few days in my plant, but eventually moved next door. This year, Penelope managed to lay two eggs in my plant.

My poor plant is dying because I can’t water it. Hope the birds all grow up and leave before it dies. Although, now that I think of it, I should just take a cutting of it now and start it over if it does die. I’ve had this plant in some form for over a decade. A few times I’ve moved and left it at friend’s houses and they send me a clipping that I start again.

This is the only shot I got of Penelope before she finally got pissed off at me and flew away. Yesterday, I swept off the porch and she stuck around. Guess she is camera shy. Both days this weekend, I had the door open and the cats slept below her on a stool.

Neighbor S was nice to them last year. She stayed off her deck, behind the screen. Not me. Walking around them, letting the cats and dog out. I did yell at Mitsy when she looked at Petre sitting on the deck railing. Lucky for Petre, Mitsy is still fat and can’t jump that high.


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