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Pretty please

One of my coworkers insists that all of our included headers line up by size, longest to shortest. Another coworker finds this appalling and said that code, by nature, isn’t supposed to be pretty.

I think this is the fundamental problem with geek society. Function over form instead of an equal share of both.

Why can’t everything be pretty?




iPhone unpacking
Originally uploaded by ntr23

The best unpacking photos I’ve seen yet.


I have to admit that there is some nice stuff going on in the Interwebs. For example, Flickr just helped me create that last post and did all the links back to the appropriate page, etc, so that I could give credit for the photo and not just steal it. I can now leave comments on my friends pages, even if they don’t use Blogger (*cough*LiveJournal*cough*). I like all this sharing that is going around.

Penalty box

Can somebody pleeeeease find me an intern like this? (No offense, Intern)

While I’m talking about getting a replacement intern, my real Intern was iChatting with me the other day. Asked how I was doing. I told him “same old, same old.”

He was bummed that I didn’t respond with something like “Rockin!” or “Kickin!” or something spectacular.

I explained that if every day were spectacular, then spectacular would become ordinary. This is the fundamental problem with utopian societies.

Eight minutes went by before he finally responded with, “OK. Point taken.”

K-1 : Intern-0

He is now obsessed with making me enthusiastic and chipper. My goal is to make him bitter and sarcastic. It should be a fun summer.

He asked today if we could get a goldfish.