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Seven deadly sins

Thinking more about this, do you ever have one of those days where you learn something about yourself that you just don’t like? A quality you wish you didn’t have?

Today is one of those days. And no, I’m not going to tell you what it is. I’m sure you can all think of a quality about me you don’t like. And probably one of yourself as well. We all have them. No need for me to enumerate mine.

Sometimes I do think about going to confession. But I don’t need someone else to tell me that I’ve had bad thoughts. And counting beads isn’t really going to stop me from having them.

Maybe running will help.


6 out of 7

Well, karma is catching up with me again. Looking at the list of seven deadly sins, I’ve probably got at least 6 of the 7 of them covered. At least in my mind. And as far as The Catholic Church is concerned, thinking about it is as bad as actually doing anything about it.

So I was punished at lunch. IL7 decided I was undeserving and never bothered to bring me anything to eat. Ended up getting pizza in the cafeteria and bring it back to my office. Figure that I must have deserved it somehow.

Watching “13 Going On 30” right now. I know. Silly movie, but I do like Jennifer Garner. And it makes me realize that I have almost everything anyone could really want out of life. Almost.