Archive for April 27th, 2008

Beautiful day

Perl and I are outside. I'm reading, she's just happy to be out of the house. Around 80 today. I needed some outside time too. Should have brought out one of those wine coolers. And the cats. Next time. This weather isn't going away anytime soon.


Penelope and Petre’s Peeps

The eggs hatched and the peeps grew quickly before I even noticed they were there. But Penelope was never out of the nest when I was home. Yesterday was the first day. I thought maybe she’d been kicked out and some other birds took her place. Now I just have to wait for them to move out so that I can water my plant again. I’m keeping the screen door shut in case they try to learn to fly and land on the floor. Although, I suspect if that happens, the screen door isn’t going to keep any of my pets inside.