Boston (pre Ireland)

5 am is a little too early to arrive in Boston. The airport no longer has baggage storage after 9/11. So we started by taking the new Silver Line to South Station and ditching them there.

First stop was The Prudential Center. Wanted to go to the top for breakfast. We were told it would be open at 10.

Back on the T, we went to Fanueil Hall. Nothing really open yet, we were walking by The Black Rose and The Hong Kong, where you can get huge drinks in bowls and buy skewers of teriyaki chicken on the street at 2 am. I suddenly had a mission, and I was sure that they were open.

Mike’s Pastries in the North End. Kind of place that has no prices listed. I wanted to go because they have the best cannoli I’ve ever had. B had the chocolate mousse. The scenery was great. When we first entered, there were these two women, one mid fifties with dyed red hair replacing the bring red lipstick she’d lost while eating. The other was probably late sixties. Definitely regulars. After they left, Lemon Pie guy came. He seemed a bit slow mentally. Also a regular. Then there was the chatty delivery guy, joking with the girls behind the counter as he was leaving. Saw a guy walk by outside in a track suit that was being worn purely for fashion. Definitely an interesting place.

Back through the new parks where the old ugly 93 overpasses were. I do love the new park, but they need more trees. Strolled through Fanueil Hall again as it was just starting to wake up. Back to the T at Government Center. Took the green line back to Copley. The green line seems to have replaced the cars since the last time I was on it. Still squeaky, but definitely nicer looking.

Tried to go to the top of the Hancock Tower. Closed since 9/11. Suck. Walked down to the Christian Science Center. Thought about converting. Thought better of it. Tried to get into the Top of The Mark again. Denied. Elevator attendant had lied. New one said it wasn’t open until 11:30.

To waste time, we got massages in the massage chairs in the bankrupt Sharper Image. Everything in the store was 40-60% off, but that still didn’t bring anything into a price range I was willing to pay. Moved on to Sunglasses Hut. I’ve needed sunglasses since last fall. Now that the weather is getting nicer, it was time to find some. And time to stop screwing around with $5 pairs from Walgreens.

Picked up a pair of tortoise framed Oakleys. B taught me a new trick. If you are wearing polarized sunglasses, look at the screen of your iPhone. Rotate it on the x/y axis. At about 45˚, the screen will go black as it is also polarized, just in a position that you don’t usually view the screen.

New sunglasses in tow, and Brother Sparkles joining us, we went for lunch at the Top of The Mark. Had an expensive, but really yummy, spinach, pear, and goat cheese salad. Enjoyed the views.

It was a beautiful day in Boston, so we walked from The Pru down ????? Street to Boston Commons. Over the pond, we hopped the red line at Park Street back to South Station. There we retrieved our bags and Brother K picked us up.

Next was a tour of Brother K’s office, if you call a home theatre setup an office. Brother K works for Tech Center. They do home automation systems. Part of that is making home theaters that are easy to use and amazing to watch movies or listen to music. Of course my favorite speakers are the ones that are about $5k a piece. Hard to go back to listening to anything else after you’ve heard the difference.

Sat in the theatre watching The Matrix for a while. Actually, we might have been watching something else, but at that point, I had put the recliner back and the movie was watching me sleep. Overnight flights, then wandering around Boston all day pretty much killed me.

Time for another flight, Brother K brought us back to the airport. Meine Schwester showed up just about then, and so we did have a moment of all four of us together, just not a photo of all four at the same time.


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