now we drink

grrrr. i just wrote this all, but i was distracted by the doc coming back from golfing at this amazing club. he met some guy at the bar last night who took him out golfing at the club where the play the irish open. he said it was absolutely amazing. i'm definitely jealous, although i'm not nearly good enough to be playing on a course that incredible.

so i'll try to remember what i just wrote. we all know that nothing is really easy for me, right? so this story shouldn't be much of a surprise.

woke this morning at 5 am. in the lobby by 5:15. at 5:35, sparkles still wasn't here. i had to go wake him. his alarm hadn't gone off.

strike 1.

had a hard time sleeping last night. kept hearing the revving of souped up engines. this weekend is a road rally. as we started driving, the road that we were supposed to take to get to the half marathon closed a half hour earlier than it was supposed to close, and we left a half hour later than expected. we had to take a detour down these random back roads.

strike 2.

amazingly, we arrived, safe and sound, even after driving on the wrong side of the narrow roads the whole way. i only freaked out once when sparkles drove a little too close to the cliff. we managed to get on one of the first buses to the start line. then we ran. sparkles did the half marathon in an hour and thirty five minutes. i arrived an hour later. my new friend strolled in a couple minutes after i did. she and i had kept pace together for all but the first two miles and the last two miles. we did sneak in a little bit of walking occasionally. it was nice running with her except that her pace is a little faster than i normally run, so it was killing me. that and the hills.

sparkles and i walked around a little to stretch. then we dropped off some stuff in the car. that is when he told me to come around to the front driver's side to see something. i had to apologize to the couple walking by us after i exclaimed, "are you fucking kidding me?" when i saw that the tire was flat.

strike 3.

i have pictures of him unscrewing the lug nuts, but he doesn't have any of me working the jack. so now you all will think i just took photos while he did all the work. not true, not that you will believe me. once we finished the tire, we had run out of time to explore bantry. we returned the car to the airport and now i'm about to go have a beer while sparkles gets a massage.

anyone want to come with me to ireland another time to do the ring of kerry? i promise, no running!


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