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Was there any question, part 7

We haven’t had one of these posts in a while. Been too busy to get into any trouble. Or too lazy. Obviously, there has been a lot of movie watching in my life as of late.

Well, last night, I went out. It was a double hitter evening. First, a talk by Nancy Duarte of Duarte Design and Garr Reynolds of Presentation Zen at SlideShare. Then an art gallery opening at Public Glass for my friend Trudy Barnes to show off her amazing glass work (old photos, I need to find the link to her webpage).

So I dressed up for the art gallery opening, which meant I wore heels and was showing way too much cleavage for a geek event, but no one necessarily complained. Although, by the time I made it to the art show, the only guys left were gay and/or taken, so it was wasted there as well. ;-)

But Geek Events are on my my list of matchmaking schemes, so dressing up for it is part of the deal I guess. Just to recap my past schemes:
– Matchmaking services: Valenti International,
– Flying first class: Flight, Outlook Not So Good, 4E, Finale
– Hotel bars: Lotus, Dallas 1, Dallas 2, Dallas 3, Dallas 4, Dallas 5
– Geek events: Facebook, FSJ Interview, Science Festivals, Technology in Wartime Conference

So tonight was another edition of Geek Events. Of course, who do I always find most interesting? The speaker, of course. And again, he was married, so that didn’t go anywhere. Figuring I didn’t have to make an impression, I geeked out by staying around to the very end and listening to all the questions.

However, this, combined with my post about involuntary celibacy inspired a friend to tell me my standards are too high and to question why speaking in front of a crowd is in my list of requirements. Well, being a fabulous public speaker is really just another form of charisma. And that lead to this listing of qualities as if they are bugs to be fixed for software before being released.

Priority levels
4. Rich and generous—unnecessary, but nice to have
3. Tall, dark and handsome—great additions if they are easy to get.
2. Charming, witty, and charismatic—required, but may get punted if it gets down to the wire.
1. Single and straight—can’t ship without ’em!

Next up: Classical music concert tonight.