Drooling on my pillow

I have the most bizarre dreams. This is what was in it

– My siblings
– My father
– An uncle
– A baby
– My cats
– two small dogs
– a taxi driver with a turban
– another taxi driver/tour guide
– a rental car
– a Uhaul truck
– an old house
– an odd shaped hotel
– Ireland
– a couple Illy stores
– a shower
– a monkey
– a baby elephant

We were all in Ireland. I remember wanting to take a shower really bad, so while Brother K and I started driving the rental car away from the hotel, I made him turn around back to the hotel. Meine Schwester had already gotten us a cab with the guy with the turban and was running up the meter chatting with him.

I could never figure out who the baby was. I thought it belonged to my uncle, who seemed to live in the big house with the baby and the two dogs that I kept confusing with the baby. I was keeping my two cats here and they were being chased by the dogs and the baby. And we would leave the pets and the baby to just run around the house alone.

The second taxi driver/tour guide guy brought us to an Illy store. When I was back at the house, and Dad was going to take a nap with the baby, and I was going to finally take a shower, the taxi driver/tour guide delivered a baby elephant in a Uhaul truck. So now there was an elephant in the first floor of this old house. And it was jumping up and down and the whole house shook. I could imagine it would be the same feeling if a grand piano could jump.

I finally woke after I was petting my cat Pablo, and I noticed that his back had been ripped open. It wasn’t bloody, but full of these little white fatty balls like the pads of my dog’s feet. It was disgusting and I told my sister she had to bring him to the vet for me. I was pretty sure the baby elephant had used a tusk to try to spear my cat.


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