Weird dreams

This one had some hot but creepy guy who was planning to set me up to take the fall for some crazy scheme he has stealing cadavers. We lived in this big commune with lots of my family members. Everyday when I went off to school, he was training my dog to be part of his plan.

Before school this morning, I had acrobatic sex with creepy guy. What he doesn't know is that I know about his plan. I've been training my dog to do something else when he thinks she is doing what he wants. I've been making him think I am head over heels in love with him while I really am making a plan to kill him and have it look like he botched his own operation.

What woke me up was when I was taking my birth control pill and he didn't seem to realize they were just advil. I also wondered if I'd caught an STD from creepy guy. That was just too messed up even for me.


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