Latest dream

My mother and I are travelling. I was late getting my stuff in the cab. The cab driver pissed me off. He was taking his time and at the airport he took out our bags but then stood as far away as possible. I like to be touching my luggage at all time and he made this impossible. I gave him a ten and a twenty for a twenty dollar fare. He was very short, not that it mattered.

Then at the airport, this two year old is running around screaming and gets in our way to the ticket booth. We miss our flight on Southwest and are now stuck in this dingy terminal in South Korea.

I send Mom to the counter to get us new flights while I watch our stuff. I meet a Canadian hockey team for retirees. Mom comes back with flights to Shenzen, China and then to Cleveland. I ask if she tried Hartford or Providence since Southwest doesn't fly into Boston.

Mom runs to the counter shouting the attendants name, but the woman is busy calling the hockey players by name to have them line up.

I go to the bathroom. There are no stall doors. I'm trying to poo when this college girl comes in. She starts talking to me about how she missed her flight and where she is getting rerouted. I just want her to leave me alone.

When I'm leaving the bathroom, the attendant is nailing a reed cover over the entranceway. She knows the girl is still in there but she is singing and smiling and shutting her in. My mom and I are the only ones left in the terminal and I'm not convinced our flight is tonight.

She hadn't gotten us any closer than Cleveland. I asked if we should buy tickets from Cleveland to New England. She thought this was a great idea and went to the counter again. The attendant was going home and not selling any more tickets today.


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