Archive for June 30th, 2008

Today’s dream

I go back to teaching at the last minute. Some sort of emergency. I'm
cleaning up my desk which happens to be an old piece Moosehead
furniture we had. In it, someone has left lots of spaghetti over the
last three years. Gross.

I keep checking my email on my phone and draining the battery. I
forget to check my physical mailbox. Realize classes are starting and
I don't have a roster. Or lesson plans. Eh, I can wing it.

I'm at home in Maine. Mom has sent us on a wild goose chase involving
boats. We are all sitting on the deck of the lodge when we find out
that my grandfather is still alive but he and my grandmother have
divorced and he is now with his high school sweetheart who likes to
buy stuffed teddy bears on the home shopping channel.