Wii for sale

I played the Wii when I first bought it. A novelty. Fun. Much better than most video games.

But the more I played it, the more I wondered why I wasn’t out bowling, or playing golf. So I started golfing again in real life. I’ve been bowling occasionally. I have a tennis court where I live, I just need a partner. And I recently bought a new toy:

Last week I found a used punching bag and purchased it. In a bad case of irony, I managed to get it from my car to the bottom of my stairs, but I wasn’t strong enough to get it up the stairs.

Neighbor S offered to help. We tried to pick it up. I could get the heavy side of the base a couple inches off the ground, but we couldn’t get it up the stairs. The base spent the night at the bottom of the stairs.

Next night, I convinced Double D to help me. Between the two of us, we managed to lift it one step at a time.

The Bag is trying to find a permanent place in my apartment. It is hard to put it somewhere I can use it, and yet not ruin the aesthetics. Of course my bicycle also lives in my living room much of the week, so I’m not sure what I’m complaining about. The bright red bag goes quiet well with my bright red round rug and matching pillows.


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