My life is (not) miserable

We all have those days, or weeks, or months where we are just down. Depressed even. And it is hard to get out of that feeling.

I’ve been depressed for a month or so now. Maybe longer. I’ve tried not to let it interfere with every day life, but I’ve just been down. I’ve been frustrated with some stuff and I’ve let it really bother me.

The truth to the matter is, I have a fantastic life. As I write this, my dog and I are house/dog sitting for some friends. We are in their backyard, laying in the sun in a cloudless sky, finishing off the half-drunk bottles of wine. I spent time earlier today feeding my cats, doing laundry, and making Nana Haagstrom’s blueberry cake. It was perfect as always. My dog is stalking squirrels while I’ve been calling friends and family on the east coast before they go to sleep.

I have job that many people envy. I have friends and family who love me and I love them. I drive a cute little convertible named Myrtle. And I live in in a town with 260 sunny days. That is 71% of the year. And I need sun. I photosynthesize, regardless of what my biologist friends say.

But I still get depressed.

I’ve learned that everything is relative. It seems like I have everything I could possibly want. Well, I almost do. But there are a few holes that haven’t been filled. And when I’m not worried about when I’m going to eat next or if I have a roof over my head, then I have time to worry about the things that would be almost meaninless to anyone else. And then I feel sad.

Lucky for me, I can usually recognize when this is happening. I try not to interfere with it too much since I need a little down time so that the happy times seem happier. But I’ve spent too much time feeling sad lately. Time to get back to normal.


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