Sickeningly cute

Had lunch today with Double D and Civil Sarah. Yes, they are cute, aren’t they? They got back together a little after Christmas. Double D was in the Dallas airport and decided to look at the gates where Civil Sarah might be waiting for her flight. He lucked out and saw her. He walked over, gave her an “extra” Christmas present he was carrying, said Merry Christmas, and disappeared. And Double D thinks I am a stalker!

Like I said, sickeningly cute. They really are. While we were at In’n’Out Burger—Double D is trying to make sure I don’t slip into becoming a vegetarian—we ran into another coworker and his girlfriend. Scratch that. Fiancée. He had complained in a group list about a problem his girlfriend has with her iPhone. I responded and reminded him that he had proposed and so now she is a fiancée. He said he was just going to skip directly from girlfriend to wife. The were at In’n’Out Burger with her parents who came to visit and make the engagement official. Another adorably cute couple. At least these two coworkers didn’t knock up their fiancées first. I’m not drinking the water at work anymore.

All my kids are getting married off. Thank goodness I have Perl. She is the only thing that keeps me from becoming Crazy Cat Lady.

And thank you goes to Civil Sarah for housesitting for my cats while Perl and I housesat for A-10-Minutes-From-Now and family.


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