Keep voting!

Update: thanks to you all, we are ranked second right now. You can see
the results by clicking on the "top rated" link.

But we still need more votes! This contest is either a week or two
long, so there will be more submissions and more people voting. I want
to keep us located near the top of the "hot" list as well. So share
with your friends and ask them to look for Carol Le's photo titled
"You can dress them up but you can't take them out!"

Of course, you should only vote for the photo if you think it is a
good representation of parties. I'm a little biased since we were at a
party when the photo was taken Saturday. :-)

Note bene: when you scroll in the little photo section, I noticed
little links for next and previous. There were a lot more photos that
I didn't know about. Vote for the ones you like. The top ten will make
it to the front page of


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