Space aliens

So the weather widget thinks it is 90 while my car reads 102. Golf Buddy and I played 18 holes of golf at Deep Cliffs with a chiropractor and his dad. Ironic since my back has hurt like hell since this weekend. So I played while pretending there was nothing wrong. What was he going to be able to do for me on the course? Just like when people ask me computer questions when they don't have their computer handy.

Now, as you can see, Wilson is installing my tinfoil hat before the invasion. Yes, it is another episode of Planet Hair. In this episode, Wilson has just returned to the Planet from a class in San Fransisco given by someone from Project Runway. I told him to do as he wishes.

He did ask one question, "Do you have to be conservative at work?"

Well, no, but don't go too crazy because I'm not sure I can handle it.

He pulled out his notes from the class and here we are. Painting my hair. He said words like Strawberry, Highlights, Diamond. He gave me a little preview, but I'm not sure I really understood. Dammit Jim, I'm an engineer, not a styist!

I told him to go crazy.


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