iPhones, lighters, and condoms

Typical Tuesday afternoon discussion among my family members.

On Sep 9, 2008, at 11:39 AM, iDad wrote:

Ok, now I’ve seen just about everything (except for the coming black hole in Europe)… I was looking at iTunes and went to the Apps store for the hell of it, and there, under staff favorites, is a Butane Lighter app that you can download for a buck and hold up at concerts, I guess…

If I’m not mistaken, lighters are 2 for a buck, last time I checked.

If they’re so intent on improving the lot of mankind, how about a condom App so these people don’t breed anymore?

On Sep 9, 2008, at 2:40 PM, K wrote:

Obviously, the condom app would be as effective for reducing reproduction as the lighter app is for lighting a cigarette.

On Tuesday, September 09, 2008, at 11:57AM, Brother K wrote:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never wavied a condom around at a concert.

On Sep 9, 2008, at 2:59 PM, Sparkles wrote:

I’ve lit one on fire with a lighter before, however.

On Tue, Sep 9, 2008 at 3:01 PM, iDad wrote:

TMI…Hopefully not while it was in use!

On Sep 9, 2008, at 5:32 PM, Meine Schwester wrote:

i have held up my cell phone at a concert before….. so i think the lighter app is cool. what would i need a real one for anyways?

On Sep 9, 2008, at 2:58 PM, Brother K wrote:

So I just purchased the app in question. Mainly cause I can. ;). And I have to say it is nicely done for a fake lighter. Plus one of the reviewers had been trying to light his bong for hours with no sucess so I thought I would try mine. ;)

I love you iPhone. :)


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