Planning ahead

On the way to the bathroom, a guy confessed to me that he had recently been looking at engagement rings even though he isn’t currently in a relationship. He asked if I thought that is girly. I reminded him that we were going to the bathroom together. Well, we’d be separating once we got there…

Is it possible to be too prepared?

I guess I could understand going to a jeweler and learning about the four C’s of diamonds. It might be too far to go ahead and purchase one without a girl to give it to in mind. Although you never know when you might just find “the one” and have a ring emergency.

Meine Schwester keeps sending me photos of wedding dresses (not for me, silly) and bridesmaids dresses (yes for me, always a bridesmaid, never a bride) and looking into resorts. She isn’t engaged, but she expects it to happen eventually, and this just keeps her busy.

When does it go from cute to creepy?


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