Help, my kitchen is under attack!

Day 2 of the remodeling. Of course there will be a week long hiatus until any more work gets done on it. Today was the last of the power tools. I relocated all contents of the kitchen to my living room and dining room. Before removing the rest of the doors, I finished drilling holes for my new handles. I am grateful that Motorcycle Man did most of them while he was here, but I’m glad there were a few left for me to do with the drill that he and Mom bought me. Now I have two power tools. I know: Hot. ;-)

Finished sanding all the doors. Just a light sanding so that the paint sticks. Sanding is a lot of work. My project for the rest of the week is to hand sand the edges of the doors and drawers, and the outside of the cabinets.

Any suggestions on whether or not I should bother painting the insides of the cabinets? I’m kind of torn. Considering how much work I’ve put in already, I’m not sure I want to, but at the same time, since they are empty, I might as well do it.

Drilling was easy. Drilling where I made the mark? A bit harder.

Got smart today and labeled all the doors/drawers so that I know where they go back later.

A before picture. Hopefully the after will look better and not worse!


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