Good—Evil. I’m trying to keep it balanced.
World 0: K 0

My golf shoes were the last pair of shoes that I bought from Dexter Shoes before they moved the factory from Dexter, Maine to China. Dexter is the town next to my home town. When the factory left, so did the jobs. The town keeps pressing on, but has never really recovered.
World 1: K 0

My iPhone has started taking Picasso photos again, but you can see the cracks in my shoe. They run all the way across the shoe. I guess I’ve probably had them for a decade now, so it might be time for new shoes.

World 2: K 0

Had a good conversation with Baby S when I got to work. Maybe I’ll write about it someday. The basic premise is that women have a hard time advancing in the tech industry because we hold ourselves back. It has a lot to do with the need to keep a balanced life. But at least she knows now that she isn’t alone.
World 2: K 1

I changed in the bathroom and left my Oakleys. Goodbye $120.
World 3: K 1

An hour later, I realized I didn’t have my sunglasses. They weren’t in the bathroom. The receptionist didn’t know anything about them. But the barista had them! Phew.
World 3: K 2

I’m learning tons at work, but I’m not getting as much done. Increased quality, decreased quantity. Need to have both increasing.
World 4: K 2

Gave a ride home to a friend.
World 4: K 3

This morning, I walked the dog at just the right time to run into the middle school kids waiting for the bus. I’m helping to organize a program to get middle school girls interested in engineering and I had asked the kids one day for some suggestions. They were interested in the program and wanted information on it. So I wrote down the URL on a sticky and have been carrying it with me when I walk the dog in the mornings. Finally gave it to them today. Hopefully there are still slots open.
World 4: K 4



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