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Muscle relaxers and oreo cookies

I did a very, very stupid thing yesterday. I was curious how attached the cabinets were to the wall. So I tugged on the one I want to take down. I tugged a little too hard, and must have twisted just enough. Just enough to pull muscles in my back. The pain was so intense I wanted to throw up. I’m miserable.

I hoped it would be better after a good night’s sleep. Of course there was nothing good about it. I couldn’t roll over without waking up.

This morning, I took a shower and walked the dog. It took me twice as long to walk half the distance. Pathetic. Double D picked me up and brought me to the clinic. First clinic we went to only does work related injuries, so we had to go to another, further away.

The clinic took a while. They took x-rays. Said it was a gift since they found out after that the insurance wouldn’t cover it. The x-ray technician was this old guy. He was impressed with my ability to move around considering my limited mobility. We had a funny conversation about piercings he would see when he developed the films. Says they don’t surprise him as much anymore.

My x-rays showed nothing is busticated. The doctor offered me a prescription for high dosage advil. I was kind of bummed because I can get advil anywhere. What I really wanted was some muscle relaxers. Oh! Okay. She asked if I had taken them before. I said no. She asked if I wanted strong or weak. I said weak. I’m not really trying to be a drug seeker. I just need something to sleep.

So I got a prescription. Double D and I stopped at Subway and he dropped me off. I had wasted enough of his time, so I planned on just taking a cab to the pharmacy. Just as I was about to eat my sandwich, the clinic called. Seems they had stuck the wrong name on my prescription. Foiled again!

Called a couple more friends looking for rides, but no luck. Then my manager called and offered to drive me around. We went back to the clinic and I got a new prescription. Then to the pharmacy where oreo cookies were on sale right next to the pickup. So of course I needed them. And some advil.

So I walked the dog again, took some advil, ate some oreo cookies, and I’m about to put on my pjs and take some muscle relaxers. Hopefully I manage to get into bed before they kick in.

And before I remember what an idiot I am for screwing up my back.

See you in the morning.