My dreams are fucked up. This is the latest one.

I’m in a strange town with my dog. I’m really tired. Then I’m at this house. I’m in love with the husband, but he doesn’t know. He and his wife are in the kitchen, the kids running around the house. I’ve managed to sneak into the guest bedroom. I think I can just take a little nap and no one will notice. A nap turns into sleeping all night. He has left on a trip and I am trying to get out before the wife finds me. We have never met before and this doesn’t seem like the right time. I’m in the kitchen changing into clean clothes from the dryer. Seems I washed my clothes while I was there. She can hear me and is looking for me and finally finds me back in the guest room as I’m putting on two different colored socks. She pulls out the matches from the drawer and puts two and two together. I don’t understand how she has my other socks. This is the first time I’ve been in the house. I’ve never slept with her husband. Doesn’t matter, she thinks it has happened at least twice and she is pissed. I’m trying to find my dog and get out of the house before she kills me. I don’t want to call him. I don’t want to tell him what I did. It is embarrassing, but I have to get to him before she does. Maybe it is better if he genuinely doesn’t know I was there. He has left voice mail on my sister’s cell. Seems he wants her to take care of his son’s pet turtle while they go on vacation. I doubt they will be going on vacation anymore. I doubt he will ever speak to me again. I’ve ruined everything.

Before you all start speculating about who these people are, let me assure you that this morning’s dream was not based on real people. Even I was played by someone else because yesterday I’d made a comment to someone that I was looking to hire a new lead actress to play me because I’m sucking at life. And I’d watched tivo-ed Desperate Housewives immediately before going to bed. So stop trying to figure out who he is.


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