Dog bite

I guess I never explained exactly what happened. So here is the continued story of my battle with Karma.

I spent Saturday morning manipulating the minds of middle school girls. I performed the opening and closing acts for a technology day to get them excited about engineering. I started by asking the kids what they thought an engineer looks like. Then I showed the worst photos I could find of my male engineering friends to prove a point. The kids laughed. And then I showed the best photos of the female engineers I know to prove that not all engineers are dorky boys. The day went well.

In the afternoon, I took Perl for a walk. We passed another dog who snapped at Perl. The owner tried to calm her dog and I tried to make nice by petting her dog. But then the evil dog snapped at Perl again, but missed and got my arm. I was shocked, so after it happened I just walked away. I didn’t ask whether the dog had its shots. And I didn’t ask for the woman’s information. I just went home and licked my wounds.

I thought about going to the urgent care clinic, but I needed a nap before the halloween party. So I slept and ignored the bite. Then dressed as a Catholic school girl and went to the party. No, there are no photos. And it is debatable as to whether the costume earned or cost me karma points. Best costume yet. Found the skirt months ago at The Gap along with grey thigh-high stockings. A crisp white shirt buttoned half way and grey silk tie loosely tied. Four-inch spiked heels in black. Pig tails wrapped in ribbon. And lots of colorful makeup. I decided it wasn’t appropriate for my dentist’s Halloween party. The costume will have a reprise this Friday evening in the city.

Sunday, I ignored everything I could until late afternoon when I finally went to the urgent care clinic. I found a new one and like it much better than the one I went to when I threw out my back the week before. To see a doctor I had to file a report with Animal Services. I realized that I’m a horrible witness who can’t remember details. I learned that there hasn’t been a reported case of rabies in a domestic pet for about 50 years. And for all of this, I earned a DTaP shot to keep me from getting Diphtheria, Tetanus, or Pertussis. So no worries about me passing on Whooping Cough anytime soon. I couldn’t decide what hurt worse, the dog bite or the aftermath of the shot.

To commemorate the weekend, a coworker wrote me a Burma Shave poem.

Dog bit me
In the hand
Treat it? No—
I’d rather sand.
Burma Shave


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