Adventures in travelling

Today has certainly been an adventure. It started with getting to Logan three hours too early and just turned more bizarre.

I caught that earlier flight to ORD. I had a standby ticket for an earlier SFO flight, but when I looked at the standby list I was number 34 out of 70. The odds weren't looking good and United was looking for people to volunteer to get off the flight. This gave me an idea.

I went to the internal ticket counter to see if I could get any karma points and maybe a free voucher to take a later flight. On my way there, I saw someone that I recognized from work. She was too far away to say hello.

I stood in line for an hour with two dark-haired girls in their early twenties wearing oversized sunglasses and looking forelorn. They were trying to get to San Francisco to see their dying grandmother. And they weren't having much success.

My turn at the counter and The ticket counter woman dismissed me. She said that since I have a confirmed ticket I should just stay on the flight because there weren't any free seats until Wednesday. So I took her advice and went to the bar.

I sat down next to a girl in her mid-twenties. I asked if the seat next to her was empty after I determined I wasn't interested in the guy on the other side. She said it was and then asked if I minded talking to her. She needed to stay awake until her next flight.

We chatted. She lives in Seattle and had gone to Boston to visit her family too. She's trying to decide between a new Blackberry or an iPhone, so the photo of her earlier today was a demo of using the camera to take a picture, email it to my blog and then view the results in Safari. I think I sold her on it. ;-)

Two martinis and a pannini later, I had to leave her to catch my flight. Once there, I walked right up to the counter and asked if they were looking for volunteers to get off. They sure were, but I had to get into the volunteer line. That is when I met the cute guy at boarding.

He was standing in front of me and so I started talking to him. Surprise. We gave up our seats and got our free ticket vouchers. Then we were told to sit and wait for our new flights and hotel accommodations.

I called my pet sitters and made arrangements. And I tried and failed to make dinner plans with an old college friend. Then I decided that my new friend and I were going to have dinner. And maybe dinner would turn into something else.

Then the ticket counter called his name. They put him onto the flight. They didn't need all the volunteers and were filling the plane. My romantic trist was squashed before it had started. He shrugged and got on the plane.

Then they called my name. At the same time, they called the two girls with the dying grandmother. They smiled at me and I refused to get on the plane until I knew they had seats. They were on! Okay, I really was just waiting for something to print out, but if they hadn't gotten on before me, I had this huge monologue ready.

The print out turned out to be a $50 voucher. And they didn't take away my free ticket. I totally won! Except that I used to have an aisle seat and now I was in a middle seat.

As I walked through the plane, I heard my name. I turned and the guy I'd been flirting with smiled and welcomed me on the plane.

I was in row 50. Way way back. I was in a row that had four seats behind a sea of five seat rows. I found myself staring down the crack between the seats. I had this urge to stand up and start singing. The part in the musical where I call out to the cute guy in the section behind the big screen. He hears me and sings back, we step into the aisle and embrace. And then I wake up.

Not sure why I've been pretending life is a musical lately. It happened at Christmas dinner that something would be said and we would all break into song. Sister-in-law T's family thought it was a little strange, but I digress.

Arriving at SFO, my bag had arrived on an earlier plane, so I didn't have to wait for the carousel. Never did get that guy's phone number. I suck at follow through. Did enjoy the daydream though.

As a last little bit of strangeness, Three twenty somethings on BART asked me for directions. We got talking and discovered that I worked in their hometown in CT for five years.

Crazy small world.


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