Near death experience

I saw life flash before my eyes as tears streamed down my face. Okay, I am exaggerating.

I wasn’t near death, I wasn’t crying, and I didn’t see life flash before my eyes. What I saw was dark blue Dodge Durango test their ABS while Perl and I were standing in front of them.

Every day, rain or shine, Perl and I walk a mile twice a day. That includes walking across the entrance of my complex. Most of the time, there is no one driving in or out. If I see someone is about to drive through, we wait on the side of the road because I’m never sure the driver will see us.

This morning it was raining, but daylight. We were almost halfway across the entrance when the Durango came flying around the corner. They

A. Were driving much faster than the complex’s 15 mph speed limit
B. Weren’t paying attention, since I was in plain sight
C. Had no intention of stopping at the stop sign.

About 15 feet away, they applied their brakes and the ABS kicked in as they skid.

I did my best crazy lady impression and mumbled something like, “Go ahead, hit me. See if I care,” as I stared them down as they approached. That means that when I was in their line of sight, I had enough time to mumble, move my dog to the left side, and walk a lane and a half. And there was nothing obstructing their view of us for a good distance.

They came to a stop about four feet from us. So not really a near death experience. And I saw it coming, but we’d already started across before they turned the corner and momentum had kept me going. Usually I assume that people are idiots and I try to predict the stupid things they do. But when it is raining, I don’t care about anything. The only prevention I made was that I had Perl on my left side so that the vehicle would hit me first. I have insurance, my dog doesn’t.

It is supposed to rain for days. I’m wondering what other stupid things I will do.


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