Good morning NYC!

Okay, so I'm not really that chipper. We took off early since everyone was on board. The cabin, which was nice, but I'm not sure what changes they made, was cold. It might have been comfortable, but I don't produce heat when I'm sleeping. Thus, I didn't really sleep. We were warned before taking off that there was a wicked tail wind. Seems it took the incoming flight almost 7 hours to get to SJC and they were expecting us to get to NYC in 4 and a half. We were 45 minutes early.

I'm pretty sure I saw a guy from work when we deboarded in NY, but he was with a girl, so I didn't want to interrupt. I'll ask later.

I could have gotten an earlier flight to Orlando, but I already have to spend a lot of time there waiting for the others to arrive. Besides, the Jet Blue terminal has completed construction, so I wanted to explore. I did a little shopping and now I'm at a bar eating pancakes and drinking OJ. Just OJ. I learned a while ago that the bars often serve a basic breakfast. Some guy just sat down and asked for a drink, but they don't serve alcohol until 8 am. Oh, how sad. ;-)

They also don't serve stock quotes until 10 am. I hate that. Every morning, I lay in bed and check the stock market before getting up. Funny, I don't check the weather.

Need to finish my bacon so I can make my next flight. Ciao!


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