Opened in November of last year, JetBlue’s new JFK terminal, dubbed T5 for Terminal5, is fabulous. With 22 restaurants and food stations, and 25 retail stores, there is plenty to do. It is open and spacious, with many different types of seating. From the standard airport chairs to cushioned grandstand seating that makes you feel like you are eating out on the capital steps to bean bag chairs to nap in to computer bars, there is a place to sit for Goldilocks, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and even play areas for Baby Bear.

I had a nice lunch at AeroNuova, and an even better conversation with the bartender. I love the restaurants here. The food is not necessarily five-star quality, but it is a far sight better than most places and the employees seem happy to work here. The thing that makes the restaurants and bars stand out here is that they all have a unique design and ambiance. After having been at Disney all week, I feel like it is a mini Epcot with French, Italian, Spanish, American and Japanese cuisines.

After spending some time in the restaurant, and then a drink at the gate bars, I’ve moved to the computer desks. They are bar style with stools and outlets. A touch screen sits above my laptop. I can use it to order food, coffee, or beer. On the side is a device to slide my credit card. Someone will then deliver my food to my computer station.

I almost forgot the couple important extras; free wifi and an in-terminal pharmacy,

I am really impressed and will surely pass through here again!


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