Big Brother

Or Walt Disney? I know it is old news, but I hadn’t been to Disney World since eight months before 9/11. Seems on that date, the park was evacuated as it is a high risk target. Afterwards, Disney World installed biometric scanners in conjunction with their ticket scanners. The scanners take a couple points and record a geometric number, not an actual scan of the fingerprint. The original scanner took two fingers, but the new scanners only take one for expediency.

The reason they give for needing scanners is to cut down on fraud and ticket resales. But I had to wonder if I could trust them with my fingerprint. Of course, I’m not worried about my own fingerprint because I’ve never done anything wrong, but it seems kind of Orwellian.

But I think what bothered me most was that I started wondering how it might be used to secretly catch criminals. I’d alert authorities that the criminal was in the park, track them, and then have them arrested some time after they left the park.

That reminds me, when I was there, some kid pointed at some guy and said to his father, “Dad, isn’t that the guy from America’s Most Wanted?”


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