Oh the irony

After all my religious spewing this week, I just got back from golfing. Yes, I snuck out of work early to borrow Golfing Buddy K’s Jewish fiancé to play nine holes at Deep Cliffs. After which, we were randomly invited by an ex-lawyer, now CPO to partake in some punch. He’d left his corporate job where we work to be CPO—Chief Parental Operator—for their twin 3 1/2 year old boys. Not very well paying, but very rewarding. And disappointing since he was cute and had potential. He was there to play night golf with his two lesbian friends who not only were from the Boston area, which automatically made us all friends because of my friend’s Red Sox hat, but have 2 year old twins after being artificially inseminated by California doctors. One partner donated the eggs, the other carried the kids.

And to top it off, they are both of Irish descent and tell stories just like I do. =)

Oh, and I did get his email address. Just to play golf, I promise. They sometimes need a fourth and we all did have so much fun talking!


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