Found the bar

It isn't that I really want a drink. I go to the bar because random conversations are expected.

I asked this pit bull looking guy if the seat next to him was taken. He smoothly replied with, "yes, by you."

I thought I was off to a good start, but he was entrenched in a conversation with the couple next to him.

The seat on the other side of me was taken by a guy on the phone trying to explain to his wife that her screaming into the phone wasn't helping any. He apologized when he ended the call.

So I ended up having dinner with the British guy with the screaming wife. They live in Australia. He writes software for British broadcasts. More of a .Net guy, but he has been thinking about getting an iPhone. So I explained how easy it is to write software for the phone. He had a Sony Vaio that wouldn't start up. I apologized for my bad karma.

I would have gone to the terminal way too early if it weren't for the British/Australian guy. He had the timing just right. I am safely on the plane and about to go to sleep.

Sweet dreams!


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