I’m off to Mexico!

Someone asked if I take a trip every month. No, but this year is proving to be busy. Two trips this month and two more coming in July.

I joked that I travel so that I have blodder–blog fodder. Yes, I just made up that word. Of course, I rarely have an original thought, so I'm sure someone else has already said it.

When are you all going to start paying for my travelogues so I can use these trips as a business expense?

Two weeks ago it was DC for meine Schwester's birthday. This weekend is Mexico for a friend's wedding. I'm meeting up in the morning with my cute, young, French coworker. Should prove for a bit of entertainment. Will need a nickname for my travel companion.

I love travelling, but one of the best parts is seeing how much I love where I live. Like this photo of the Mt Hamilton observatory. Just a quick drive from home. From this photo, you'd never think that I live in the middle of suburbia.


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