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You’re just going to get hurt

That is what he said. And I knew it was true. But I did it anyways. It
was emotional cutting. I'd felt nothing for so long that feeling
something, even pain, was better than the emptiness I feel.

Why do you do things that you know won't end well? What's your story?


Yesterday in Napa

Icon Boy and I went to Napa yesterday for a little wine tasting. Randomly picked a few wineries. First stop was Luna where I picked up a couple bottles of chardonnay. Our host there, suggested a little winery up the road called Hartwell Vineyards. Selected a wonderful bottle of Sauvignon Blanc. Sadly most of the wines, as fabulous as they are, were out of my price range. I was also trying to buy whites since I don’t have any for summer and I can get away with drinking them now instead of later.

Third stop was at Rutherford Hill, mainly for the tour of the caves, which I think is pretty cool. And last, but never least, was a stop at Mumm for some sparkling wine, specifically the Sparkling Pinot Noir. If you aren’t a big fan of sparkling wine, but like red wine, then I highly recommend trying their sparkling red. It is fantastic! We had a taste of two of their library wines, the DVX Rosé and the Blanc de Blancs. They were both very nice, but I’m still a huge fan of the Sparkling Pinot Noir.

That was all before dinner at Suppenkuche and a party in the Castro. It was a long, but fabulous, day!

Cats and dogs

Living together.

These two act like they are mortal enemies. The other day, Perl was sleeping on the floor across the room when Pablo started feeling randy and jumped off the couch, started screeching, and chased the dog into a corner for no reason. When the doorbell rings, Perl chases the cat around until he is safely hiding under the bed.

Tonight, Pablo was taking up the middle of the couch. Perl wanted a spot on the end. She gingerly hopped onto the couch, turned, and squeezed into the spot, pushing the cat over an inch.

They have a love-hate relationship. Pablo is always trying to curl up next to Perl. Perl usually moves in disgust.

But I know the truth.


A day of wine tasting in Napa.

Dinner at Suppenkuche.

Party in the city.

Amazing day.


Omakase Sushi

Went to Tanto tonight with the boys. And luckily, there were a few girls there too for once! FYI, White House Black Market is our favorite store. Clothes fit, lighting doesn't make you look fat, and the customer service is amazing! We can't ask for more than that. For cheap, we are willing to settle for H&M. But I digress.

Dinner was another amazing night of omakase style–chef's choice, where we tell him how many people are coming and he flies fish in from Japan. I can only imagine that this is the kind of stuff that Garr gets on a regular basis. I'm still fairly new to the sushi thing, but it was amazing. However, I think my first experience will always be my favorite. Again, the Kobe beef rocked the boat. I could have done without the crazy spicy pepper grapefruit dish, but I'll admit it was unique!

Overall, it was worth the ridiculous bill, as long as I don't do it regularly.

Language barriers

In the past few weeks, I've been having many conversations with people for whom English is not their first language. This has resulted in two thoughts.

The first, and most obvious, is that I really need to learn to speak another language. I can't converse in anything but english.

The second thought is about how I ask questions or respond in English. I'm learning not to use double negatives, choose simple words and make non-complex sentences. When I'm asked to repeat something, I repeat what I said, but then also rephrase it with different words. I try to enunciate, without shouting. And I speak slowly and deliberately without sounding patronizing. I do the same when I write to someone, but then I will use more difficult words, but still no complex sentence structures. It is a challenge, but I've really been enjoying it.

Recently, a new friend commented in spanish on one of my photos. I understood exactly what was said, but couldn't respond in Spanish. I figured there would be less confusion if she read the English. She wrote back in English. I really had hoped she would keep writing in Spanish. I'll learn more that way. But really, I need to try writing in Spanish instead.

But as outgoing as you all think I am, I'm still painfully shy. It is hard for me to speak another language, but the only way I will learn is to try.

Cannot reproduce

Regardless of what you all think, this is *not* how I fix my bugs. Thanks, xkcd.