New Bohemian

Just got back from dinner with Mountain Man. Thanks to the hostess seating us in the far back corner outside, our waiter forgot us often, which resulted in a free round of drinks and dessert. And to top it off, I pulled out a discount card. So our $100 meal was half price by the end. Not so bad. In exchange for Mountain Man having to deal with my bad karma, I told him all the secrets that I don’t share with you. Sorry.

And then I rode my bike home. Yes, not only did I ride my bike to work Wednesday and today, but I rode my bike to dinner. When I ride to work, I wear spandex, but to dinner, I wore short pants that wouldn’t get caught in the gears and a jacket. Riding home, after almost three glasses of wine, in the dark, wearing normal clothes and a bike helmet, I felt like a new bohemian. Why else would a woman in her mid-30’s with a good job and a car be riding around on a bicycle?

Which brings me to something ‘ve been wondering lately. Why it is that this is the criteria for the Corporate Bike Challenge:

Novice A new or infrequent rider who uses his/her bike two times or less per month. (Each team must have at least one Novice rider) 5
Big Wheel A manager, Director, CEO, journalist, or elected official. (Limit one Big Wheel per team) 4
Weekend Warrior A weekend rider who takes long leisure rides and/or who participates in organized rides or races, but doesn’t commute by bike. 3
Lifestyle Rider A seasoned and skilled rider who rides his or her bike frequently (two or more times a week) for transportation. The lifestyle rider is the example of one who truly believes that everyday is a Bike to Work Day. In fact, this person is so content on his or her two wheels that s/he just wants to see other folks out there enjoying the benefits of cycling! The Lifestyle rider is a motivator and an inspiration for his or her friends to join a team and pedal to win. 2

Journalist? Why is a Journalist a Big Wheel? Are they somehow a lazier breed than any other white collar worker? What puts a Journalist in the same realm as a manager, director, CEO or elected official?

If there are any Journalists out there that can justify this, please let me know why you should be treated special. Is it just the size of your egos?


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