Omakase Sushi

Went to Tanto tonight with the boys. And luckily, there were a few girls there too for once! FYI, White House Black Market is our favorite store. Clothes fit, lighting doesn't make you look fat, and the customer service is amazing! We can't ask for more than that. For cheap, we are willing to settle for H&M. But I digress.

Dinner was another amazing night of omakase style–chef's choice, where we tell him how many people are coming and he flies fish in from Japan. I can only imagine that this is the kind of stuff that Garr gets on a regular basis. I'm still fairly new to the sushi thing, but it was amazing. However, I think my first experience will always be my favorite. Again, the Kobe beef rocked the boat. I could have done without the crazy spicy pepper grapefruit dish, but I'll admit it was unique!

Overall, it was worth the ridiculous bill, as long as I don't do it regularly.


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